MIDYIM or MIDGEN Austromyrtus dulcis

Description: In cultivation, A. dulcis has become a popular ground cover and foliage plant with many gardeners. It is quite adaptable to a variety of soils, providing they are well drained and is not too particular regarding its situation, growing well in full sun to dappled shade. In the sun it will form a dense, bushy shrub, 50cm high to 1.5m in diameter and in the shade it becomes a more open, sprawling ground cover, excellent for rockeries and over hanging retaining walls. Plants prefer an acidic soil with a pH of less than 6.5 and will tolerate light frosts and moderate salinity. New growth is coppery pink and softly hairy but the shrub is at its most attractive stage when in full fruit. Flowering starts in Spring, fruiting follows and can continue until late Autumn. The little fruits are whitish berries, up to 1cm round and speckled with tiny mauve spots.

Uses: The little fruits have a pleasantly, sweet, aromatic flavour with a hint of spice. They make an excellent jam or sauce but are at their best, freshly picked from your Bushfood garden and sprinkled over vanilla ice cream.