ANISE MYRTLE Syzygium anisatum

Description: In cultivation, a medium sized tree to 15m, developing a dense, spreading crown. In its natural environment, the rainforests of the Bellingen & Nambucca river valleys in north-eastern NSW, the Anise Myrtle can reach up to 45m. Lanceolate, opposite leaves are shiny green with wavy margins and a strong aniseed smell when crushed. New growth tips are a light burgundy colour. Clusters of small white flowers are borne at the ends of branchlets. Suitable for large gardens or acreage and will handle reasonable frosts but requires protection for the first two of years.

Uses: Anise flavour has for centuries been used for both sweet & savoury dishes, including, sauces, breads, biscuits, cakes, confectionary, marinates & liqueurs etc. Traditionally Aboriginal people used it medicinally as a tonic which had a vitalising effect.