Species Available

We have a wide variety of selected bushfood plants from the rainforests of South East and Central Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Species List
(please check for availability. While some species may be in limited supply or unavailable, at times, due to  seasonal variations, new species are regularly added to our range.)

Acronychia acidula Lemon Aspen Small/medum tree Fruit
Acronychia oblongifolia White Aspen Small tree Fruit
Acronychia wilcoxiana Silver Aspen Small tree Fruit
Alectryon coriaceus Beach Birds-eye Small tree Fruit
Alpinia caerulea Atherton Ginger (Red-leaved form) Shrub Root/Seed
Antidesma erostre Wild Currant Shrub Fruit
Apium prostratum Sea Celery/Native Parsley Ground cover Leaf
Athertonia diversifolia Atherton Almond Small/medium tree Seed (nut)
Austromyrtus dulcis Midyim Shrub Fruit
Backhousia angustifolia Curry Myrtle Small tree Leaf
Backhousia citriodora Lemon Myrtle Small/medium tree Leaf
Backhousia myrtifolia Cinnamon Myrtle Shrub/small tree Leaf
Capparis mitchelli Native Caper Shrub Fruit
Carpobrotus glaucescens Pig Face Ground cover Fruit/leaf
Citrus australasica Finger Lime Shrub/small tree Fruit
Citrus australis Round Lime Small tree Fruit
Clausena brevistyla Native Wampi Shrub Fruit
Cullen tenax Emu Foot Grass Ground cover Seed
Curcuma australasica Native Tumeric (Cape York Lily) Shrub Root
Davidsonia jerseyana Nth. NSW Davidson’s Plum Shrub/small tree Fruit
Davidsonia pruriens Nth. Qld Davidson’s Plum Shrub/small tree Fruit
Decaspermum humile Silky Myrtle Small tree Fruit
Dioscorea transversa Native Yam Vine Root
Diploglottis berniana Bernie’s Tamarind Small tree Fruit
Diploglottis campbellii Small-leaved Tamarind Small/medium tree Fruit
Diploglottis australis Native Tamarind Meduim/large tree Fruit
Diploglottis diphyllostegia Northern Tamarind Small/medium tree Fruit
Diploglottis smithii Smith’s Tamarind Small tree Fruit
Elaeagnus triflora Millaa Millaa Vine Fruit
Eugenia reinwardtiana Beach Cherry Shrub Fruit
Eupomatia laurina Bolwarra Shrub Fruit
Ficus coronata Creek Sandpaper Fig Small tree Fruit
Ficus opposita Sandpaper Fig Small tree Fruit
Geitonoplesium cymosum Scrambling Lily Vine Growth tips
Glycosmis trifoliata Pink Lime Berry Shrub Fruit
Mentha australis River Mint (Native Peppermint) Ground cover Leaf
Mischarytera lautereriana Corduroy Tamarind Medium/large tree Fruit
Piper hederaceum Pepper Vine Vine Seed
Planchonella australis Black Apple/Plum Medium/large tree Fruit
Pleiogynium timorense Burdekin Plum Medium/tree Fruit
Podocarpus elatus Plum Pine Medium/large tree Fruit
Podocarpus spinulosus Shrubby Plum Pine Shrub Fruit
Rubus probus Sweet Native/Atherton Raspberry Shrub Fruit
Sterculia quadrifida Peanut Tree Small/medium tree Seed
Syzygium anisatum Anise Myrtle Medium tree Leaf
Syzygium australe Creek Cherry Small/medium tree Fruit
Syzygium australe – Southern form Brush Cherry Small tree Fruit
Syzygium fibrosum Apricot Satinash Small/medium tree Fruit
Syzygium luehmannii Riberry Small/medium tree Fruit
Syzygium oleosum Blue Cherry (Blue Lilly Pilli) Small/medium tree Fruit
Tasmannia insipida Pepper Bush Shrub Leaf/Seed
Tetragonia tetragonoides Warrigal Greens Ground cover Leaf
Viola banksii Native Violet Ground cover Leaf