BRUSH CHERRY Syzygium australe (Southern Form)

DESCRIPTION : The ‘southern’ form of S. australe is a small shrub to 4 m tall with a dense crown.

Leaves are opposite, elliptic in shape, 2.5 long with the apex shortly narrowed to a fine point. Upper surface is dark green and glossy, lower surface is paler. Flowers are white and are borne in small clusters at the ends of branches, occurring in April and October.

The fruits are a berry, pink to purplish-red in colour and are elliptic to rounded in shape to 2 cm long. Fruiting occurs in both early summer and early winter (December and June). Bark is brown and scaly.

USES : Fruits are succulent with a crisp texture and a pleasant, tangy flavour. They can be eaten raw or made into jam or cordial. Plants are suitable for a screen or wind break.