MILLAA MILLAA Elaeagnus triflora

Description:The Millaa Millaa is a vigorous, bushy climber which produces long reaching stems with a fine sandpapery textured bark. The leathery leaves are bright green above while the undersurface, is covered in small silver or coppery coloured scales with a metallic sheen. Clusters of small, white, four-petaled, star shaped flowers are followed by reddish-orange, elongated, speckled berries, with a persistent calyx, about 2cm long. The fruit ripen between November and March.

In cultivation the plant is best given an open situation and pruned as a shrub so the fruit can be accessed more easily. It makes an excellent screen when trained along a fence or trellis. Plants are hardy in most well drained situations and for optimal fruiting, regular watering during flowering is advisable.

Uses:The ripe fruit has a sweet tangy flavour and makes an excellent savoury sauce or sweet jam. The fruit of the Millaa Millaa, contain four times the amount of the antioxidant lycopene than any other fruit in the world and ten times that of tomatoes.