Description: A suckering multi-stemmed shrub shooting from underground rhizomes. Growing from 1 to 3m tall, the trailing stems have recurved prickles which enable it to climb. Leaves are alternate, pinnate with 3-7 serrate leaflets. Flowers are white with 5 petals to 25mm diameter and can appear all year. The juicy, sweet tasting fruits may be up to 30mm across and are copiously produced in the summer months. In the garden it should be treated with caution as they can get out of hand if not kept under control. It’s possibly best to restrict it to a large tub and trained to a trellis. Plants like plenty of light and as long as they have water and applications of fertiliser a couple times a year, they will fruit well.

Uses: There are several species of native raspberry, all are edible but palatable to varying degrees. This one is delicious and lives up to its specific name, probus, a Latin word meaning good. The fruits make an excellent jam or raspberry syrup which goes great over yoghurt.